Compeau Drive, Kanata

Bathroom Renovation Ottawa - Compeau Drive
Bathroom Renovation Ottawa - Compeau Drive

Bathroom Renovation Ottawa – Compeau Drive 

Are you thinking of revamping your space with bathroom renovations in Kanata but just can’t find the right group to trust with such a task? Well, you’re in luck because we at Renosgroup provide the best quality services in the field of home improvement projects, especially when it comes to bathroom renovation services.

From entire remodels of your bathroom space to cosmetic renovations, you can do anything and everything with your bathroom space when choosing us. 

You will find that our portfolio of bathroom renovations is extremely extensive. While we have worked on several complete renovations, the one carried out on Kanata, Compeau Drive, was a particularly challenging one. Our client wanted us to completely revamp a small corner of their bathroom to create a brand-new shower space. 

With small spaces, the margin of error is incredibly minute, which is why we must utilize the space as efficiently as possible. Due to our years upon years of experience, we were able to pull off this project in no time. 

Our client wanted us to match the shower space perfectly to the rest of the bathroom. So, we started off by picking out cream tiles that matched the cream paint on the walls perfectly. These tiles were then installed all over the shower walls and the shower space. To create a bit of contrast, we also installed a custom pattern of beige and brown tiles.

We then installed a one-person white acrylic tub. We ensured that the outer rim of the tub was thick enough that our client could place essential shower products on it. This way, they wouldn’t have to get out of the bathtub just to grab something essential when showering. 

We finished off the project by installing stainless steel shower faucets, which matched perfectly with the shower curtain rail that we installed. We also attached the perfect cream-colored shower curtain for our clients so they can enjoy their bath time in peace. 

So, get your bathroom renovations to the project going by calling us now at (613)727-9427. You can also schedule an appointment with us using this form, after which you will also receive a free rough estimate.

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