Crestview Road, Ottawa

Bathroom Renovation Ottawa - Crestview Road
Bathroom Renovation Ottawa - Crestview Road

Bathroom Renovation Ottawa – Crestview Road

Investing in a good bathroom renovation is highly necessary. For this reason, Renosgroup can be your savior. Not only do we have the best team to get the work done for you, but our team is also highly skilled in what they do.

One project that was recently completed by Renosgroup was for bathroom renovation at Crestview Road, Ottawa. For this bathroom, several changes had to be made. It is safe to say, once those were done, the bathroom looked as good as new.

We started off by retiling the floor. The floor that we decided to go for was a shade of black and grey, which made the bathroom feel much more spacious. After this, we decided to remove the old tub and replace it with a soaker tub.

The soaker tub was customized to be white and due to this; it contrasted well with the chosen bathroom floor. The tub our team installed was also highly efficient and sleek in design, thus ensuring the best of both worlds for our client.

We also installed a shower faucet as well as a curtain rod. This allows the client to get their privacy when needed. After this, we attached a new dual-flush toilet for this washroom. The toilet was extremely compact and fit in perfectly between the sink and tub, giving the bathroom a complete look.

After this, we installed a new sink to the bathroom as well. The sink our team thought best for this bathroom was a dense square-shaped one and once attached with a vanity of a complementing color, it completed the overall look.

This bathroom was modern, chic, and completely functional, making it the ideal bathroom for our client. If you are also looking for a bathroom like this one at Crestview Road, Ottawa, call Renosgroup right away at (613) 727-9427or fill out this online form.

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