Deighton Crescent, Ottawa

Bathroom Renovation Ottawa - Deighton Crescent
Bathroom Renovation Ottawa - Deighton Crescent

Bathroom Renovation Ottawa – Deighton Crescent

Modern homes are constantly improving, and a very critical part of this improvement is a focus on making better bathrooms. This is exactly why so many people are moving towards getting their bathrooms renovated. For these renovations, the Renosgroup is the group to trust. We have a highly equipped team of workers with the ability to complete the job efficiently for you.

One great project we completed was done in Deighton Crescent, Ottawa, where our team was assigned to renovate the bathroom and give it an entirely new look which was classic but also modern and functional. For this particular project, we firstly decided to attach new flooring to the bathroom. For the flooring, we decided to go with neutral-colored tiles. Once the tiling was done, we decided to work on making a glass wall for the shower

The glass wall itself adds a lot of structure to the bathroom, and when combined with silver accessories for faucets and a metal storage wall attachment, the shower area and partition looked extremely well put together and contrasted. We also added safety rods in the shower area to maximize utility while also prioritizing safety. 

The next step was to install a new sink for the bathroom. For this, we decided to go for a flat base with a round sink and an extremely aesthetic square mirror. The sink area, along with the mirror, was not only extremely organized but also functional. 

Furthermore, we also added three drawers below the sink to add some storage space. This structure allowed for a bathroom that was not only beautiful but also exactly how the client wanted in terms of utility. We also added a toilet to the bathroom and used the small space extremely efficiently to make sure nothing was lacking from the space.

If you are looking to renovate your bathroom much like the one at Deighton Crescent, Ottawa, then Renosgroup is just the place to go. Call now on (613) 727-9427 or reach out to us on this online form for further details.

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