Bathroom Renovation Ottawa – Dobbin Lane

Bathroom Renovation Ottawa - Dobbin Lane, second unit
Bathroom Renovation Ottawa - Dobbin Lane, second unit

Bathroom Renovations Ottawa – Dobbin Lane

If you’ve got the perfect idea for bathroom renovations at your place but are struggling to find the best place for bathroom renovations in Ottawa at Dobbin Lane, then there is no need to worry. Renosgroup is here to help execute your dream bathroom renovation.

Here at Renosgroup, our team has executed countless amounts of bathroom renovation projects, particularly in Dobbin Lane, Ottawa. To help you understand the way we approach bathroom renovations and our dedication to our client’s vision, the following is a brief description of one of our very own bathroom renovations in Ottawa at Dobbin Lane.

In this bathroom renovation project, our client wanted us to focus mainly on the shower area and add fixtures that would help them with ease of access to important items, mainly bath towels and security fixtures. Apart from that, our client also wanted us to renovate the space to feel larger and more open than it is.

When working with small places with the goal of making them look much more spacious, it is important to use a light color, which is exactly what we tell our clients to keep in mind when picking out their tiles. Once the light-colored tiles had been chosen, we replaced all of the old tiles on their bathroom floors and shower the walls with new ones.

To help our clients have easy access to their bath towels, we installed a towel holder right outside the shower area, which makes the towel easy to grab while keeping it out of the way of water. We also installed a white toilet in the space, along with minimalist shower faucets. As slipping in the shower was a concern of our clients, we installed two safety bars in the shower area, which would be easy to grab for our clients.

Now that you’ve found the best place for bathroom renovations, all that’s left for you to do is fill out our form to schedule your appointment. You can also call us at (613) 727-9427 to schedule your appointment or have any queries answered.

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