Fifth Avenue, Ottawa

Bathroom Renovation Ottawa - Fifth Ave
Bathroom Renovation Ottawa - Fifth Ave

Bathroom Renovation Ottawa – Fifth Ave

Bathroom renovations become necessary with the passage of time and if you too are looking to get your bathroom renovated, Renosgroup is just the team for you to trust.

A recent renovation that our team has done of bathroom renovation that was in Fifth Avenue, Ottawa. This bathroom after its revamping looked spectacular and even though it was compact it still gave a very modern look. For this bathroom, our team went on to design it with the Italian-style bathroom perspective in their mind.

We started the revamping process by firstly retiling the floor entirely. For the floor, we decided to go for wooden tiles on the outside and light beige tiles on the inside. These tiles gave a very structured look to the bathroom. The beige color was also neutral, thus making the bathroom feel very cozy.

Once this was done, we installed a custom-style acrylic bathtub to the bathroom. This bathtub was extremely sleek and functional. We installed a shower faucet for the bathtub as well as a ceiling light fixture for the shower area. Another excellent touch added by our team that gave the bathroom an extra oomph was the wooden tiling done on the outside of the tub, making it look extremely unique and classy.

Once this was done, we attached a new toilet replacing the old. Alongside this, a new sink was also added to the space. Both things complemented the floors highly and thus gave the bathroom a very tidy look. We also added a light fixture on top of the sink area to give more designated lighting to that space. Furthermore, a window was installed in the bathroom to account for ventilation purposes.

In the end, the bathroom looked amazing. If you, too are looking for a bathroom much like that on Fifth Avenue, Ottawa, then look no more. Call Renosgroup right now on (613) 727-9427 or fill out this online form for a free quote.

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