Crownhill Drive, Ottawa

Bathroom Renovation Ottawa - Crownhill Drive
Bathroom Renovation Ottawa - Crownhill Drive

Bathroom Renovation Ottawa – Crownhill Drive

It comes as no surprise that modern homes pay much attention to detail when it comes to bathrooms. For this reason, there’s a great need to hire skilled contractors that know what they’re doing to ensure their bathrooms are always on point. For this reason, the Renosgroup is the team to trust. Our team of skilled workers is dedicated to completing your job timely and efficiently.

A project taken up by Renosgroup recently was the one at Crownhill Drive, Ottawa. Our team ensured that all of our client’s needs were fulfilled in the best manner possible.

For this job, we had several challenges to encounter. The very first one was to remove the builder steel bathtub and then install a new acrylic shower base bathtub to replace it. The new bathtub installed also had the same footprint as the tub it replaced. To go with this tub, we installed custom acrylic walls and even a window kit. The window is great for ventilation and sunlight purposes.

After this, our team installed a shower seat for the shower along with safety bars to make sure the bathroom does not lose its functionality. Shower seats always add an added level of safety for the elderly or anyone who wants to sit while showering and are a great addition to the bathroom.

Another thing we added to the bathroom was a new toilet. This one is much more efficient than the old one. Furthermore, we also decided to add a hand shower with a pause function. Not only does such a hand shower provide the best use of a shower, but it also helps in conserving water and would definitely assist in cutting down water bills.  

With all the additions that make this bathroom stand out, Crownhill Drive, Ottawa, was a dream come true for our client. To make sure your bathroom dreams also become a reality, call us now at (613) 727-9427 or fill out this online form for a quote.

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