Gagne Crescent, Casselman

Bathroom Renovation Ottawa - Gagne Crescent
Bathroom Renovation Ottawa - Gagne Crescent

Bathroom Renovation Ottawa – Gagne Crescent

Our recent bathroom renovation done in Gagne Crescent, Casselman was something we have never done before. For this project, we worked on several aspects of the bathroom to make it look not only attractive but also to use the space in a manner so that the area does not look congested.

We started the project by retiling the floor area. For the floor, we arranged tiles that were light brown and matched the neutral vibe, whilst adding structure to the place. After this, we worked on their shower enclosure.

For the shower enclosure, instead of adding a tub, we decided to create a rounded space in one corner of the bathroom. We tiled that particular corner with tiles a tad bit darker than the ones used for the floor and added a separate faucet as well as a hand shower. Both things increased accessibility for the clients.

Once this was done, we installed custom-made glass acrylic walls that went from the floor to ceiling with sliding doors. With this last touch, the shower area was completely separated from the rest of the bathroom and looked very modern and chic.

Once done with the shower area, we started working on the sink. Our client wanted us to create a luxurious sink area. To do so, we first worked on making the marble countertop for the bathroom. This would run-along the width of the bathroom. Then, we installed an under-mounted sink that was round to the middle of the countertop. Both these things but together looked extremely classy. A toilet was also added right next to the shower enclosure.

For the vanity, we decided to go for the normal three drawers and three cabinets. We also decided to add cabinets to the countertop as well. Storage was a priority for our clients; thus, we added the maximum number of cabinets we possibly could. Once this was done, we gave the bathroom a final touch with the addition of a round mirror.

With all these things done, the bathroom looked extremely trendy and exactly how our client wanted it to. If you are looking for a bathroom like the one in Gagne Crescent, Casselman, call us now on (613) 727-9427 or fill out this online form right away.

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