Govenors Town, Ottawa

Bathroom Renovation Ottawa - Govenors Town
Bathroom Renovation Ottawa - Govenors Town

Bathroom Renovation Ottawa – Govenors Town

The bathroom renovation done in Govenors Town, Ottawa, was truly one of the Renosgroup’s best remodels of all time. Not only did the bathroom look beautiful and extremely classy, but all the elements of the bathroom came together perfectly. For this bathroom, we had to work on several sections as the bathroom itself was very spacious.

For the very first part, we started by working on the flooring of the bathroom. The floor we chose was a tile with a marble print on it. This was chosen in a light brown color that gave the bathroom a good pop of color without being too extra.

The next part we decided to work on was the bathtub enclosure. For this, we simply installed one of the most classic Jacuzzi-style bathtubs in the middle of the shower enclosure. This was installed with a faucet in the middle of the tub as well. The faucet chosen was a very fancy, vintage one according to our client’s choice. Along with this, there was also tiling done on the floor as well as the installation of two windows. The windows gave the tub enclosure a much more open and brightened look.

Once we were done with this, we decided to work on the custom tiled shower enclosure. The custom tile was made with three custom acrylic walls attached. For this section, we chose mosaic tiles on the floor and similar tiles on the walls as well. We also attached faucets with a rain shower head on one of the walls alongside a removable hand shower.

Lastly, we worked on the sink area. The sink chosen for this bathroom was a bowl-like sink, with classic taps that gave the bathroom an antique look. Along with this, we also installed a vanity with three drawers, all made from wood. This covered for the client’s requirement of storage space within the bathroom.

The bathroom looked very organized, and classy and gave the perfect vintage vibe which is the look our team was going for. If you are on the lookout for a similar bathroom like the one in Govenors Town, Ottawa, call Renosgroup right away at (613) 727-9427 or fill out this online form.

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