Bathroom Renovation Ottawa – Highmont Court, Ottawa

Bathroom Renovation Ottawa - Highmont Court, Ottawa
Bathroom Renovation Ottawa - Highmont Court, Ottawa

Bathroom Renovation Ottawa – Highmont Court

Bathroom renovations are significant to bring back the much-needed life to your plain bathrooms, and not everyone has the expertise to master that. At RenosGroup, we have a team of skilled workers that have vast experience in delivering on your requirements whilst adding the edge that takes it one step above the rest.

At Renosgroup, we have done several bathroom renovations. All of them have been done in a way that leaves the client in awe. One such bathroom renovation was done in Highmont Court, Ottawa. For this particular bathroom, we had to perform several tasks to bring our client’s dream to reality.

The first of those was to replace the existing worn-out bathtub and install a brand new one. With time, bathtubs, toilets, sinks, and bathroom accessories tend to decay. Hence it is best to get them replaced when possible. This ensures the maintenance and hygiene of your restroom. After this, the next step was to give the bathroom a new look by installing newly tiled walls that our experts handpicked.

We also installed vinyl flooring in the bathroom, which breathed new life into the bathroom. Not only was it cost-effective but also quite trendy at the time, making it just the right choice for this bathroom. Vinyl flooring is not only easy to clean but also extremely low maintenance and prevents the growth and accumulation of fungus/bacteria.

After the installation of a new bathtub, new vinyl tiling on the walls, and flooring – the bathroom looked brand new as is. Then, as per our client’s need, we installed an existing medicine cabinet on the side of the sink to give it a more modern effect. We also decreased the excessive space the sink was taking up and utilized it to create a nice storage area within the bathroom.

New faucets were installed for the shower and sink. To add to it, we also made minor changes to the light fixtures. From warm lights to white lights, the bathroom attained a fresher outlook. A new, more composed, and a clearer mirror was installed to suit the smaller sink area, which ended up completing the overall look.

Bathroom Renovation Ottawa – Highmont Court, Ottawa, undoubtedly was a huge success, and the bathroom looked a lot better than its first appearance. The light fixtures, the recessed cabinets, and a mirror was just what was needed for this bathroom’s glow-up. This was all possible only because of our team and their dedication to giving the bathroom a new look while keeping it as classic as it can be.

If you are looking to revamp your bathroom much like the Bathroom Renovation Ottawa – Highmont Court, Ottawa, what are you waiting for? Call RenosGroup right away on (613) 727-9427 or fill out this online form to get a free quote within no time to bring your dreams to reality with the best team of workers.

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