Jackson Court, Ottawa

Bathroom Renovation Ottawa - Jackson Court
Bathroom Renovation Ottawa - Jackson Court

Bathroom Renovation Ottawa – Jackson Court

Bathrooms have always been a very important part of one’s home and that is why it is important to not compromise on the quality of the bathroom when you’re renovating it. Renosgroup has the best team available to complete your bathroom renovation efficiently.

A recent bathroom renovation our team did at Jackson Court, Ottawa is surely one to blow your mind. For this renovation, our team had a long checklist to be completed but we delivered excellently and on time.

Firstly, we started by retiling the floor. The tiles that we used for this were light black with a white border, giving the bathroom classic and modern vibes simultaneously.

Once we were done with retiling the floor, we installed a new bathtub. This time, we went for a classic tub made out of custom acrylic in the color white. The bathtub was extremely modern and chic. We also attached a new faucet as well as a curtain rod for the bath area.

Alongside this, we added a window to the bathroom as per our client’s request. The window gave a very classy look to the bathroom, whilst also providing ventilation. After this, we started working on the sink and vanity area. For that, we firstly attached a very classic black marble countertop and then installed a square sink. Both things contrasted well and gave the place a very modern look, much like Italian bathrooms.

We also attached a mirror with a black frame to go with the tiles and marble countertop. Furthermore, the vanity was custom-made to accommodate four cabinets and three drawers. Lastly, we attached a new toilet for the bathroom as well.

Once the place was completed, the bathroom looked a lot more refined and spacious. If you also want your bathroom to look like the one in Jackson Court, Ottawa, call us right away at (613) 727-9427 or fill out this online form.

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