Bathroom Renovation Ottawa – Kingston Avenue

Bathroom Renovation Ottawa - Kingston Drive
Bathroom Renovation Ottawa - Kingston Drive

Bathroom Renovation Ottawa – Kingston Drive

If you’re looking to get bathroom renovations done in Ottawa, then look no further. The Renosgroup is known to provide the best services for home improvement projects, particularly when it comes to bathroom renovations.

We do it all – from adding cosmetic renovations to your bathroom to remodeling from top to bottom. So, when you choose the Renosgroup for your bathroom renovations, trust that your dream will turn into reality.

Here at the Renosgroup, we have worked on a variety of bathroom renovations on Kingston Avenue, Ottawa. Our portfolio for such projects is quite extensive and consists of several other locations all across Ottawa.

For this particular project, our client wanted to spruce up their bathroom with some custom contrasting tiles, a new shower area, and a replacement of their existing bathroom fixtures. So, we got down to work as soon as possible.

We started off by removing the tiles in their shower space and cutting out and installing vinyl tiles in a custom pattern. Our client liked this custom pattern to the extent that they asked us to tile the flooring and trims of the entire bathroom with them too.

We then moved on to installing a white acrylic bathtub along with new shower faucets. We also installed all of the basic bathroom fixtures, which included a pedestal sink, toilet, mirror, and lights. Finally, to help natural light enter the bathroom space, which our client was hoping for, we also installed a white vinyl window complete with vinyl trimming. This helped encapsulate the exact vision our client had for their bathroom renovation.

So, if you’re looking for the bathroom renovations of your dreams, schedule your appointment today with the use of this form or get in contact with us at (613) 727-9427.

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