Langholm Crescent, Ottawa

Bathroom Renovation Ottawa - Langholm Crescent
Bathroom Renovation Ottawa - Langholm Crescent

Bathroom Renovation Ottawa – Langholm Crescent

Bathroom renovations are a huge part when making one’s home. Therefore, this bathroom renovation done in Langholm Crescent, Ottawa plays such an important role for us.

For this bathroom, we firstly started by installing new flooring in the bathroom. The floor tiles we decided to go for were cream-colored and added a neutral look to the place. Once the flooring was done, we started working on the custom acrylic shower enclosure.

For this, we firstly installed a custom shower. This custom shower area was in white, thus being very easy to clean. Once this was done, we then moved on to other aspects of the enclosure. Our very first task was to tile this enclosure. For this reason, we decided to go with the same tiles as used on the floor except for adding a mosaic tile in the center to add a pop of color to the place. These were attached to three of the custom acrylic walls set up particularly to make the shower enclosure.

Once that was done, we started working on the faucet and rain shower on the ceiling. We also attached a removable hand shower in the enclosure to make it easier for our clients to be able to use. After this was done, we moved on to installing a sliding glass door for the bathroom that added to the privacy of our clients.

Our next step was to work on the sink. For this, we decided to get a white under-mounted sink with brown vanity. Both things greatly complimented each other. We later also installed a mirror and a new toilet for the bathroom. This toilet was dual-flush and thus an upgrade from the older one.

To finish it up, we added some light fixtures. The bathroom exceeded our client’s expectations and if you too are looking for a bathroom renovation then Renosgroup is just the place for you call us on (613) 727-9427 or fill out this online form for a free quote.

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