Sheenboro 2, Orleans

Bathroom Renovation Ottawa - Sheenboro 2
Bathroom Renovation Ottawa - Sheenboro 2

Bathroom Renovation Ottawa – Sheenboro 2

Bathroom renovations in Orleans can either be a nightmare or a dream come true. The only aspect that affects the outcome is the company you hire for your bathroom renovations. Well, if you want the bathroom of your dreams, then you should most definitely choose the Renosgroup.

In our project of bathroom renovation services at Sheenboro, Orleans. We began by installing textured cream tiles on the shower walls and created a ceiling panel. Next, we installed a white acrylic shower base as our client no longer wanted the bathtub. Creating a shower base helped in opening up the space and making it look bigger than it was. We then installed an acrylic corner caddy and finished off the shower space by building a sliding glass door.

We then installed a countertop sink and a white toilet to go with the color scheme used in the shower space. 

At Renosgroup, we ensure that we work on your bathroom renovation project in the most efficient manner. This means that you will never have to worry about your bathroom renovations taking forever to complete. With us, you will be able to enjoy your renovated bathroom in no time. Secondly, we ensure that all of our workers have the most extensive experience and knowledge in working on bathroom renovations.

Our workers have years upon years of experience, and our company holds one of the most extensive bathroom renovation portfolios out there in Ottawa.

So, what are you waiting for? Call us now at (613) 727-9427 or fill out this form to schedule your appointment. By filling out our online form, you will also receive a free estimate for your bathroom renovation.

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