Bathroom Renovation Ottawa – Quarry Ridge

Bathroom Renovation - Quarry Ridge, Orleans
Bathroom Renovation - Quarry Ridge, Orleans

Bathroom Renovation Ottawa – Quarry Ridge, Orleans

Renosgroup has a reputable name in the home renovation industry. The bathroom renovation projects are especially praised by the entire expert across the town. We made high-end renovations in Quarry Ridge, Orleans. We dedicated our efforts and time to creating a beautiful bath for Quarry Ridge, Orleans.

Bathroom renovation at Quarry Ridge, Orleans, was done to create an example of a contemporary style of bath. Grey was the choice of color we were going to go with. It is a neutral color, and many find it to be the most suitable shade of color for any style of bath. 

The dark grey tiles installed on the floor, as well as the walls of the bathroom, were a stylish and luxurious way to create a theme for the bath. We used marble as it is naturally water-resistant and adds a luxurious spa-like feel to the bathroom. The ambient lighting brought out the dark aesthetic nature of the bathroom while illuminating the bathroom in the best ways possible.

A shower bench was also made in the showering space for anyone to keep their essentials there or to sit. The best feature of the bathroom is the shower panel installation. The shower wall panels proved to be a flawless finish to the entire renovation. They are waterproof and far more hygienic than the rest of their counterparts. They eliminate all problems that are associated with grout, including mildew or mold that come with tiling. 

Even though the Renosgroup is popular for all sorts of home renovation projects, we are widely known for our bathroom renovation. We can renovate the space in the way you like it while also ensuring hygiene. You can contact us for your bathroom renovations by filling out our online form or giving us a call at (613) 727-9427.

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