Spadina Ave, Ottawa

Bathroom Renovation Ottawa - Spadina Ave
Bathroom Renovation Ottawa - Spadina Ave

Bathroom Renovation Ottawa – Spadina Ave

Bathroom renovations have recently been a reason for a lot of hype, and rightfully so. Bathrooms now are modern, chic, functional, and compact. With those checkboxes to fill in, bathroom renovations can be tough, which is why RenosGroup is the go-to for anyone looking for a bathroom renovation.

Throughout our history of renovations, there have been quite a few that felt like a challenge initially but ended up being exactly what the client was looking for. The bathroom renovation at Spadina Ave, Ottawa was one just like that.

Initially, the bathroom was a simply mundane space, and we were given the task to jazz it up while also ensuring that the functionality of the bathroom stays intact. To start off, we replaced the old tub with a custom-made acrylic tub liner and then added a new faucet to the shower.

We also installed a brand-new acrylic ceiling panel. With these changes, the bathroom was now completed in terms of its functionality. Now all that was left was to add some beautiful tiles to make it feel more classic and complete. For this, we particularly picked out tiles in a travertine color which gave a pop to the place. These were simulated 8″x10″ tile pattern tiles to be particular. The final look was very simple yet aesthetically pleasing.

Later, we also added two shower caddies on both ends of the bathroom in a similar matching color where one was four shelved and the other two shelved. To tie it all up, we installed a steel grab bar and ended it up with a pressure-mounted curtain rod. Once these changes were done, the bathroom looked entirely new and much better than before, leaving our clients in awe.

If you too are looking to give your bathroom an oomph like the renovation in Spadina Ave, Ottawa, this is your chance to get a free quote by calling us at (613) 727-9427 or filling out this online form right now!

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