St. Laurent Blvd, Ottawa

Bathroom Renovation Ottawa - St. Laurent Blvd
Bathroom Renovation Ottawa - St. Laurent Blvd

Bathroom Renovation Ottawa – St. Laurent Blvd

Are you planning on hiring a reliable and well-established company for your bathroom renovations in Ottawa? Well, look no further because Renosgroup is here at your service. We provide all types of bathroom renovations, which include cosmetic renovations and complete remodels.

Over the years, we have worked on countless bathroom renovation projects, from small spaces to large spaces, contemporary looks to rustic looks; we have done it all. However, a particularly interesting project that comes to mind is one at St. Laurent Blvd, where our client had chosen a unique, custom one-person bathtub for their child’s bathroom renovation.

Not only was the bathroom space small, but one of the back walls had been depressed inside to create a shower nook. So instead of the usual shower area, they now wanted us to install a bathtub. They also wanted us to retile the walls of the bathroom.

We began this project by first installing cream-colored tiles to go with the white fixtures to be installed in the bathroom. Then, we installed a custom black tile pattern to add some contrast. These black tiles would also go perfectly with the black accents in the white and black trough sink we installed, along with the black-trimmed mirror and the shelf we installed next to it.

We finished off this project by fitting the one-person bathtub into the shower space. This bathtub was only provided and not fixed in and blended with the tiles as it would be easier to take out in the future to fit a different bathtub or to remove the bathtub altogether.

We then installed the stainless-steel shower faucet attachment to the bathtub. The last thing to do was to install the white toilet to go with the white sink and bathtub.
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