Mobility Bathroom Renovation Ottawa – Tara Drive

Bathroom Renovation Ottawa - Tara Drive
Bathroom Renovation Ottawa - Tara Drive

Bathroom Renovation Ottawa – Tara Drive

Bathroom renovations are an important part of one’s home, and the Renosgroup is the team to trust with getting the task done without facing any hassle.

One such bathroom renovation project was performed by our team for a Mobility Bathroom Renovation Ottawa – Tara Drive. In this project, our team had to tackle several issues but managed to do so successfully. For this bathroom, we were initially asked to replace the bathroom floor as our client had thought it was rotting around the toilet. After removing the tiles, we quickly saw that the subfloor beneath had rotted right through. We found a hole near the toilet leading under the bathtub as well; this caused us to stop the project and consult with the client as to what should be done next and what can be afforded by the client at the time.

It was decided that we would have to remove the tub in order to replace the rotted subfloor. However, as per the client’s request, we would keep the existing tub and re-install it as there was nothing wrong with it. To properly replace a bathtub, it is necessary that the entire tile wall above it is removed and that we start fresh with a new tile backer board and tiles.

Our client also decided to have the tile wainscotting removed at the same time. Just our luck, this was a house built in the 50s, so all the tiles on the shower walls and wainscoting (all bathroom walls were tiled up 50″ high) were bedded into 1.5″ thick concrete with wire mesh – what fun to remove. 1,450 pounds were loaded and then unloaded at the city waste facility.
Once the toilet, sink, tile shower walls/cement, bathtub, tile wainscoting/cement and tile floor/subfloor were removed, we were able to see which part of the original builder floor was rotted and needed replacing. All the area that showed any sign of rotting or weakness was replaced with new wood at the same thickness as the existing.

While removing the wall-mounted bathroom sink, it was noticed that his chromed p-trap was rotted on the underside; while the walls were removed, we changed the drain connections and bought a new chromed p-trap to be installed once all the tiling was complete.

A new cement board was installed on the bathroom floor, a Den shield on shower walls, and water-resistant drywall on bathroom walls. 6″x 6″ white tiles were chosen by the client for shower walls and halfway up the rest of the bathroom walls, and 12″x12″ earth tone tiles with small traces of white in them were installed on the floor and as a border at the bottom of bathroom walls where they meet the floor.

As per the client’s request, we re-installed his bathtub, tub/shower faucet, toilet, sink, sink faucet, four safety bars, and two towel bars. Next week his nephew will be visiting and has offered to do the final paint job for them.

The client is completely satisfied with the project and has already asked us to replace the flooring on his stairway leading into the basement and the large landing area at the bottom of the stairs.
The client was surely very happy with the performance, and if you too want to see your bathroom renovations dreams come true like Mobility Bathroom Renovation Ottawa – Tara Drive, reach out to RenosGroup at (613) 727-9427 or fill this online form for a free quote.

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