Trim Road, Ottawa

Bathroom Renovation Ottawa - Trim Road
Bathroom Renovation Ottawa - Trim Road

Bathroom Renovation Ottawa – Trim Road

Our team at Renosgroup recently performed a bathroom renovation at Trim Road, Ottawa. This renovation involved a lot of challenges, but with our team’s expertise, we made sure to deliver exactly what they wanted without any worry.

For this particular bathroom, we firstly started by replacing their custom tile shower. The current tile that they had was rotten, thus we had to replace it entirely. The replacement also meant that we built the custom tile floor as well alongside waterproofing the entire shower. Once this was done the bathroom looked much more organized and the tile shower area was also impressive. For the tiles, we went for brick tiles.

Once the flooring for the tile shower was completed, we then moved on to install a custom shower faucet. The faucet was installed on one of the walls. It had several single lever handles and a removable hand shower. This allowed our clients to be more at comfort while using the bathroom. The single lever handles were used for body jets that were also installed in the custom tiles shower.

We also added a rain showerhead from the ceiling and installed a slide rail. After this was done, we then moved on to building 4 diverted valves in the walls. The valves were the perfect divisions for the space. Along with this, we also added one temperature control valve for the bathroom.

To add to the final touches of the bathroom, we decided to tile the walls. The tiles we used now were complementing the brick ones but were larger tiles, thus covering more surface area and giving a perfect balance to the place. Lastly, we added a custom glass that was pivoted to the shower door of the bathroom.

All of these touches were added to make the bathroom much more comfortable for the client. The remodel of the space was a great way to change the overall vibe of the bathroom. If you are also looking to revamp your bathroom like the one in Trim Road, Ottawa then call us now on (613) 727-9427 or fill out this online form right away for a free quote.

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