Bilberry Drive, Orleans

Bathroom Renovation Ottawa - Bilberry Drive
Bathroom Renovation Ottawa - Bilberry Drive

Bathroom Renovation Ottawa – Bilberry Drive

For one of our recent projects, we got the chance to perform bathroom renovation in Bilberry Drive, Orleans. For this project, we were hired to make our client’s dream bathroom a reality. A major and primary chunk of this renovation was to work on the tub enclosure for the bathroom.

Our team started by removing their old bathtub and replacing it with a new one. The new tub we chose was a custom acrylic one and was fairly large. Along with this, the texture of the tub made it easier to clean and maintain, making it ideal for our clients.

Once the tub was attached, the next step was to make custom acrylic walls for the enclosure that would fit perfectly around the tub. This was done by taking appropriate measurements and creating walls for the three corners. Once the walls were made, our next step was to make the walls look decorative without coming off as too much.

We then decided to do tiling for the walls. When these rectangular tiles were installed on the wall, they gave an illusion of a continuous rectangle pattern in pastel colors. This made the wall look classy without adding anything extra.

Our next step was to add the faucet, which was installed right in the middle of one of the walls. Along with this, we also added new handlebars on the wall thus to give support to the client and ensure safety. We also added a rain showerhead on top of the bathtub, which was also added for our client’s utility.

The bathroom on Bilberry Drive, Orleans, was truly nothing short of a dream come true, and if you are also looking to get your bathroom renovated then call us now on (613) 727-9427 or fill out this online form for a free quote.


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