Bishop Mills Way, Kanata

Kitchen Renovation Ottawa - Bishop Mills Way
Kitchen Renovation Ottawa - Bishop Mills Way

Kitchen Renovation Ottawa – Bishop Mills Way

There is nothing like a good kitchen, which is why our team ensured that during the kitchen renovation in Bishop Mills Way, Kanata, everything was done perfectly.

For this kitchen, we started off with the flooring process. For the floor, we decided to go for a cream-colored one that was neutral and synchronous throughout, making the place easier to clean as well as making it seem more organized.

The next step was to install a marble countertop for the kitchen. This was important as the height of the countertop determined the height of the cabinetry beneath it. The countertop we decided on was the black marble one that hugely complemented the whole kitchen. This went especially well with the white cabinets installed on the bottom of the countertop.

Once those cabinets were installed, we then moved on to working on the upper cabinets that were to be installed. We again stuck with the white cabinets, but this time chose to install them in varying sizes to give the place a more unique and modern look. Alongside the cabinets, we also left spaces for appliances like a fridge, oven, and microwave.

We also added a double sink in place, but in a square-shaped ceramic style. Usually, people use steel sinks, but because the vibe of this kitchen was very chic, ceramic was our best choice. This was installed with a faucet that was single-levered. After this was done, we installed all the appliances on one side of the kitchen was done.

The next step was now to move toward the front side of the kitchen. This site had a wall made in such a way that it presented the front-facing room as a window. For this side, we installed a medium-length countertop out of the same marble. This made the place more cohesive and especially more useful when attached to some more cabinets along the edge of this countertop.

This kitchen renovation done in Bishop Mills Way, Kanata, was one of our finest works and if you too are looking to revamp your kitchen, call us now on (613) 727-9427 or fill out this online form.

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