Main Bathroom Ottawa – Coulson Court

Bathroom Renovation Ottawa - Coulson Court
Bathroom Renovation Ottawa - Coulson Court

Bathroom Renovation Ottawa – Coulson Court

Renosgroup has a vast experience in Bathroom renovations. Coulson Court is another prime example of our successful projects where we incorporated all the elements of luxury and elegance in a bath. We paid vivid attention to all the little detailing around the bathroom for the best results we could get. 

The dark aesthetics of the bathroom were highlighted and attributed to dark surfaces in the bathroom. The sink cabinets were made up of hardwood that matched with dark accents of the mirror frame. Besides that, earthy and light tones across the bath were kept consistent with bringing out the serenity of the bathroom to life. 

The white walls allowed adequate lighting to spread across the room. Besides that, we installed a soaker bathtub that facilitated a hand shower with a railing attached to it. A separate faucet for the bathtub and the hand shower allowed one to switch between them and be able to adjust the temperatures as well. 

White tiles were installed in the bathing space to create better lighting for the area. We only installed task lighting over the sink, and that served to be sufficient lighting for the entire bathroom as the light reached all the corners of the bathroom. We also installed a ceramic countertop that seamlessly blended with the sink creating an exquisite appeal to the sink area. We also installed a single-handle faucet at the sink for one to adjust the temperature to their liking. 

If you wish to get a bathroom renovation as mentioned above you can contact the Renosgroup services through our phone number, (613) 727-9427.For your convenience we also have an online form that you can fill, and our customer service team will reach out to you. To make sure that you enjoy your experience with us our customer support team, builders, and designers take you through each step of the bathroom renovation and ensure that you are satisfied.

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