Deevy Street, Barhaven – Bathroom

Bathroom Renovation Ottawa - Deevey Street
Bathroom Renovation Ottawa - Deevey Street

Bathroom Renovation Ottawa – Deevy Street

In the project we worked on for bathroom renovation in Deevy Street, Barrhaven, our primary focus was on the bathtub area of the bathroom. This included installing a new tub for the space, as well as faucets and tiles for the floor and the shower wall.

Firstly, for this bathroom, we decided to install a bathtub. The bathtub we went for was one that was made in a custom style for the exact size of the tub area. The tub was also white and thus was extremely easy to clean and maintain. Once the bathtub was installed, we decided to work on the custom walls for the tub area.

One of the walls also had a separate compartment built in it initially for storage purposes. Once the custom walls were installed and gave the bathroom a more closed-off feel for the tub, we started working on the tiling.

For the tiles, our team decided it was best to go for classic cream-colored tiles. This also contrasted well with the bathtub. Along with this, we also added a strip of mosaic tiles that were dark brown and added an extra oomph to the place.

With the bathtub installed as well as custom walls and tiling in place, the tub space looked much better than it did originally. Lastly, we decided to add a shower faucet as well as a removable hand shower for the bathroom. This is when combined with the rain head shower installed. For the final touches, we added a shower curtain rod for the bathtub.

This tied the place up exceptionally well, and if you also want your bathroom to look like the one on Deevy Street, Barrhaven, then wait no more. Call Renosgroup right now on (613) 727-9427 or fill out this online form for a free quote.


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