Gospel Oak Drive, Barrhaven

Bathroom Renovation Ottawa - Gospel Oak Drive
Bathroom Renovation Ottawa - Gospel Oak Drive

Bathroom Renovation Ottawa – Gospel Oak Drive

The bathroom renovation in Gospel Oak Drive, Barrhaven, which our team recently completed, was one of our finest works. For this bathroom, we had to work on several different aspects, but the eventual outcome looked extremely classy and modern.

We started working on this bathroom by installing a new floor. For the floor, we installed new tiles that were in a light brown mosaic color and looked extremely neutral while also adding structure to the place.

Along with this, we also installed a new bathtub. The bathtub we went for was an acrylic bathtub and, thus, was easy to clean and maintain. Furthermore, we also installed tiles across the bathtub to ensure a composed outlook. We also installed a faucet with a single lever with the bathtub, which allowed it to be more convenient for our clients.

The next step on our agenda was to install a new toilet for the bathroom. The one we went for was dual flush and thus minimized water wastage. We also added a safety bar handle to the area.

Another thing we added to this bathroom was a custom shower enclosure. This enclosure was different from other enclosures that we have made in the past. For this one, we installed checkered tiles in a light brown color for the floor and walls of the enclosure. We also installed a removable hand shower to increase utility, as well as the installation of a shower curtain rod.

Lastly, we moved on to the sink. For the sink, we installed an acrylic countertop and then installed a dual under-mounted sink. For this, we also installed a vanity that was made of chestnut wood. Since there were two sinks, we also installed two mirrors with three light fixtures along the wall.

Once completed, the bathroom not only looked much more revamped but was also very chic, and if you too want a similar bathroom, then definitely reach out to Renosgroup at (613) 727-9427 or fill out this online form for a free quote.

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