Hinton Avenue, Ottawa

Bathroom Renovation Ottawa - Hinton Avenue
Bathroom Renovation Ottawa - Hinton Avenue

Bathroom Renovation Ottawa – Hinton Aenue

Our team recently completed a bathroom renovation in Hinton Avenue, Ottawa, and it was definitely a memorable one. The result was a completely revamped bathroom.

For this project, we started off by working on the bathroom flooring. For the flooring, we went with a tile that gave a wooden look to the place and looked extremely modern and chic. The tile chosen was also not too big, thus giving the place a spacious look. Once the flooring was complete, we started working on the next element, the tub.

For the bathtub, we decided to go the classic route and get a custom chic acrylic bathtub with no design on the inside. The acrylic made it easier to maintain and clean the bathtub as well. Once this was done, we decided to add tiles to the walls. Usually, we only add tiles to the bathtub section, but for this bathroom, we added tiles all along the middle of the room. The tiles were also neutral-colored, thus looking classier.

Once this was completed, we added a faucet to the bathtub. We also attached a rain showerhead to the bathtub as well as a removable hand shower for our client’s convenience and utility. Lastly, to complete the bathtub section, we attached a shower curtain rod.

We then started working on the sink. This included firstly getting a new marble countertop with a round basin sink. Alongside this, we also installed a vanity in a complementing color. The vanity we went for was in a unique shape as it was slightly outward from the center, making it seem more structured. Once this was done, we did some finishing touches by adding light fixtures and a mirror to the bathroom, as well as installing a new dual-flush toilet.

All in all, the bathroom renovation done at Hinton Avenue, Ottawa, was mind-blowing and if you too want to get your bathroom renovated, then call us now on (613) 727-9427 or fill out this online form.

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