James Street, Ottawa

Bathroom Renovation Ottawa - James Street
Bathroom Renovation Ottawa - James Street

Bathroom Renovation Ottawa – James Street

The bathroom renovation done in James Street, Ottawa, included constructing a shower enclosure for the bathroom.

We started off our renovation process by working on the flooring of the bathroom. The floor our team decided on was a cream-colored tile that had checkers in it. This floor was neutral and thus added a lot of structure to the place without coming off as extra.

For the next step, we decided to work on the walls. For walls, we again went with tiles, albeit some different ones. We decided to go for cream-colored tiles in a larger shape which allowed for a good contrast between the floor and walls. Once the walls were done, our next step was to work on the accessories that needed to be attached.

For the accessories, we firstly got a single-lever faucet. This faucet was connected to a rain shower head within the enclosure and thus allowed for easy access and convenience for our client. Along with this, we also attached a side handlebar on one of the walls, which were attached as a safety precaution for our clients.

Once these changes were done, to add a little more privacy to the bathroom, we got a custom glass wall made. This custom glass wall was pivoted to one of the doors of the walls and acted as a sliding door for the bathroom. This was highly convenient for our clients and allowed them to be able to use the enclosure whenever they pleased.

With the floor, tiles, accessories, and sliding glass door, the bathroom looked amazing, and if you are on the lookout for a bathroom like the one at James Street, Ottawa, then Renosgroup is just the place for you. Call us now on (613) 727-9427 or fill out this online form for a free quote.

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