Colorado Lane, Ottawa

Kitchen Renovation Ottawa - Colorado Lane
Kitchen Renovation Ottawa - Colorado Lane

Kitchen Renovation Ottawa – Colorado Lane

Kitchens are one of the most important parts of any home and thus, it goes without saying that for such an important job, Renosgroup is just the team to trust. Our team of skilled workers and our use of excellent products is what makes us stand out.

Our team recently took up a kitchen renovation project for a house in Colorado Lane, Ottawa. This kitchen was in much need of renovation and our team ensured that they would get everything done as per the client’s needs. The first task at hand with this kitchen, was the retiling of the floor. For this purpose, we used cream-colored tiles with a very thin black border. This gave the kitchen a much more collected look.

For the next step, we decided to replace the cabinetry in the kitchen. Our team decided to go with cabinets made of wood-simulated thermos-formed PVC, in a wooden color to maintain the aesthetic appeal of the place. Once this was done, our team put installed a brand-new marble countertop to the place.

This countertop was black and added so much color while also adding structure to the place. The black marble top was a game-changer entirely. Along with this, we also added similar cabinetry below the countertops. The kitchen then looked much more cohesive while also being functional.

This allowed our client to maximize their storage space without compromising on the design. Once this was done, we also installed an oven, fridge, and electric stove to the kitchen, which were all provided by the client.

All these things when combined, gave the kitchen in Colorado Lane, Ottawa a look that was beautiful and surely left our client in awe as well. If you too are looking for contractors that will make your job easier and simpler, call us now on (613) 727-9427 or fill out this online form for a free review.

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