Kitchen Renovation Ottawa – Eastvale Drive, Gloucester

Kitchen Renovation Ottawa - Eastvale Drive
Kitchen Renovation Ottawa - Eastvale Drive

Kitchen Renovation Ottawa – Eastvale Drive, Gloucester

Kitchen renovations are surely one of the most integral parts of renovating your home, which is why it is important to not compromise on quality. With Renosgroup, you will have the best team of dedicated workers to make sure your kitchen looks dreamy, just like you want it to.

A project our team recently performed was of kitchen renovation at Eastvale Drive, Gloucester. This project was something different for us and the multiple aspects it covered, made us love the final result all the more.

For this kitchen renovation, we firstly started by removing all cabinets that were present before and instead added new cabinetry. The new cabinetry that we added was wood-simulated thermos-formed PVC cabinets in a light brown color.

These cabinets not only provide a look of being made from wood, but they are also extremely durable due to them being made from PVC. Unlike wooden cabinets, these PVC cabinets cannot be infested by termites as they are waterproof, shatter-resistant, non-toxic, and provide a glossy finish.

After this, we installed a new tile backsplash for the kitchen alongside a new countertop. The countertop was in a plain cream color, whereas the tiles were lightly tinted, giving the perfect contrast to the kitchen. Once these additions were done, we installed a single kitchen sink, as per the client’s needs.

Our client had also provided us with some light fixtures for the kitchen that they wanted us to use, so we stuck to those. The light fixtures, with their warm lighting, made the whole place cozy and much more comfortable.

Our team was also responsible for the addition of a new microwave, dishwasher, stove, and even a fridge. All of these were provided to us by the client, and we installed them in the correct places according to the design of the kitchen. Once everything was put together, the kitchen looked beautiful, and all the touches added seemed to come together perfectly.

If you are also looking for a kitchen that is fully revamped, like the kitchen renovation in Eastvale Drive, Gloucester, then Renosgroup is just for you. Call us now on (613) 727-9427 or reach out to us through this online form.

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