Francais Street, Ottawa

Kitchen Renovation Ottawa - Francais Street
Kitchen Renovation Ottawa - Francais Street

Kitchen Renovation Ottawa – Francais Street

Seeking inspiration for your Ottawa kitchen renovation? Look no further than Renosgroup’s recent Kitchen Renovation Ottawa – Francais Street masterpiece, a stunning transformation showcasing our expertise in crafting dream kitchens that blend style and functionality.

Kitchens are undoubtedly one of the most important parts of a home, and thus you need to hire the best team to get the job done. For this, Renosgroup is just the team to trust. Our team consists of highly skilled, dedicated, and experienced personnel who will get the job done without any hassle.

For this job of kitchen renovation at Francais Street, Ottawa our team surely had a lot of tasks to undergo. Firstly, we started by retiling the wall in the kitchen. The tiles we used were in mosaic print and were neutral colored. This allowed for the place to look organized without being extra, which is exactly the look our clients were looking for.

Once we were done with tiling, the next step was to get new cabinets for the kitchen. Our clients wanted an ample amount of storage space in their kitchen area, and we delivered as required. Not only did we choose cabinets that were longer in length but also were highly spacious from the inside.

This allowed for more pace to store products. The color of the cabinets was also selected very meticulously, and we went for a light brown color in the kitchen. The light brown added the right classic vibe to the kitchen.

Once this was completed, our next step was to install a countertop. The countertop we went for was a marble one which had a light black touch to it. The marble countertop gave the kitchen a nice look. We went on to install the stovetop on top of the countertop. The cabinets and marble top were placed in a way to ensure that there was enough space to put the fridge and oven in between places.

This allowed for a complete look in the kitchen in Francais Street, Ottawa, and our clients were surely impressed by our work. If you too want a kitchen that’s similar to this then call us now on (613) 727-9427 or fill out this online form right away.

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