Northview, Ottawa

Kitchen Renovation Ottawa - Northview
Kitchen Renovation Ottawa - Northview

Kitchen Renovation Ottawa – Northview

A kitchen is the heart of every home, and working with Renosgroup, you can be assured that your kitchen will speak for your style and taste as your guests walk in., we are mindful of keeping the kitchen aesthetic yet practical. At Kitchen Renovation Ottawa – Northview, Ottawa, we were instructed to keep the design minimal, which resulted in the kitchen being easy to clean and difficult to clutter.

For the Northview, Ottawa project, we worked around the layout of the kitchen that was originally set. We were instructed to keep the elements of the kitchen minimal yet traditional. We decided to fill the kitchen with details with a touch of country style to grand. We removed the top and bottom cabinets, mantelpiece above the hob, range cookers, as well as countertop.

We included cabinets that were the most practical aspect considering it keeps the kitchen clutter-free. We chose tall cupboards as well as pull-out units of different heights. This will allow the storage of a range of kitchen appliances from crockery, pans, and wine.

Worktop were the foundation for the kitchen as major activity was to be performed there. We had to balance the practicality and cost; because of this, we had to come up with an affordable and durable choice that did not pose any design limitations. We opted for granite countertops, which went well with the existing backsplash. Granite is easy to clean and resistant to stains which gives it an edge despite the budget.

Lastly, we installed an undermount sink that sat below the worktop line and went with stainless steel for the durable option it is. Faucets for hot and cold water were installed, which had a single lever operation giving the sink practicality and style.

You can expect a free in-home consultation with our builders and designers to help you get the bathroom of your dreams. Get in touch via filling out our online form or giving us a call at (613) 727-9427. The Renosgroup services are appreciated by many, which has enabled us to complete many projects with confidence.

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