Louis Riel Drive, Orleans

Bathroom Renovation Ottawa - Louis Riel Drive
Bathroom Renovation Ottawa - Louis Riel Drive

Bathroom Renovation Ottawa – Louis Riel Drive

Thinking of choosing a home improvement service but can’t think of someone to help out with bathroom renovations in Orleans, Ottawa? Well, there is no need to fret. You have come to the right place. 

Renosgroup has years upon years of experience when it comes to completing the most unique and heavy-duty bathroom renovations. In fact, our bathroom renovation portfolio is one of the most extensive portfolios that you will see in Ottawa. 

For this bathroom renovation project at Louis Riel Drive, Ottawa, we had to renovate the entire bathroom around the statement piece that our client had chosen beforehand. This statement piece was a cream and beige spotted countertop with cabinets at the bottom. 

We started by first installing this countertop between two walls, ensuring that no space was left on either side. We then mounted a white rectangular trough sink onto the countertop, which perfectly matched the shape of the countertop—the size of the sink allowed for ample space for placing items on either side.

We then chose cream, textured tiles that went perfectly with the statement countertop piece and installed it all over the shower walls. As the bathroom floor was laden with brown tiles, we also found brown tiles and placed them in a thin strip formation across the shower walls. This helped create contrast and helped to tie in the colors together. 

To break the overall muted aesthetic and tie in the white trough sink, we then installed a white acrylic bathtub in the shower area, complete with stainless steel shower faucets. We also installed stainless steel shower caddy in the back corner of the shower walls. 

So, there is no need to wait or hesitate. You can quickly contact us via phone at (613) 727-9427, or you can even fill out this form to book your appointment online.

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