Pondhollow Way, Main Bathroom

Bathroom Renovation Ottawa - Pondhollow Way
Bathroom Renovation Ottawa - Pondhollow Way

Bathroom Renovation Ottawa – Pondhollow Way

For the main bathroom renovation done in Pondhollow Way, Barrhaven, we started the renovation by working on the floor. For the floor, we decided to get white tiles with a black border. The tiles we chose for this were large.

Once we were done with the flooring, we then started working on the tiles for the walls. For the walls, we wanted something that complements the floor as well whilst not being overpowering. For this, the perfect match was that of brick tiles in white and black. Once we were done with the tiling on the floor and walls alike, we then installed a bathtub for the place.

For the bathtub, we went with a custom-made acrylic tub. This was the perfect design as it was a small and compact bathroom while also being highly useful. Once this was installed, we then attached a removable hand shower for the bathroom as well as new faucets. Along with this, we also decided to get a sliding glass door for the shower enclosure.

The sliding glass doors looked extremely classy and gave the space a private and personalized look. Along with this, something different that we did for this particular bathroom was to install a shelf right next to the tub enclosure.

Storage was definitely of high priority to our clients, and thus, the shelf was constructed from the bottom to the ceiling. We then also installed a toilet that was dual flush. Lastly, for this bathroom, we decided to get dual sinks attached. The dual sinks allowed us to have a larger vanity, which we constructed in a navy-blue color that contrasted well with the color of the shelves. We also installed two mirrors for the bathroom.

Once this was done, the bathroom looked amazing and well-tied up. If you are also looking for a similar bathroom, then call Renosgroup right now for a free quote by filling out this online form or simply call us at (613) 727-9427.

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