Moorehead Drive, Ottawa

Bathroom Renovation Ottawa - Moorehead Drive
Bathroom Renovation Ottawa - Moorehead Drive

Bathroom Renovation Ottawa – Moorehead Drive

The bathroom renovation done at Moorehead Drive, Ottawa, was a project that our team has been immensely proud of. This is because the bathroom we renovated looked extremely modern while also being compact, making it seem like an Italian-style bathroom.

For this bathroom, we firstly started by working on the floors. For that, we decided to get mosaic tiles in a slightly larger size. The tiles altogether looked great and made the place feel much more spacious. The color chosen was also dark and neutral, thus adding to the modern look.

The next step we moved on to was building a custom tile shower. For this tile shower, we made a separate enclosure. This was made by installing an acrylic floor. Once that was done, our team put up the tiles that were used on the floor onto the shower enclosure walls as well. This gave the bathroom a cohesive and organized structure. Later, we also added a shower seat for our client’s convenience that was made out of wood and looked extremely chic.

Another step our team fulfilled was to attach a hand shower and faucets for the bathroom while also adding a shower caddy. The hand shower was also removable and thus extremely convenient for our clients to use. Once this was done, we finished up the shower enclosure by attaching a sliding door and moving on to the sink.

For the sink and vanity section, we firstly decided to get a new countertop. The countertop was made of marble with a brown vanity attached to it with several cabinets. The cabinets, even at one point, stretched to the entire length of the bathroom. We also attached a mirror as well as a round basin sink for the place. Lastly, we attached a dual-flush toilet for this bathroom and gave all the finishing touches.

The bathroom at Moorehead Drive, Ottawa, after completion, looked absolutely dreamy, and if you want a similar bathroom too then call our team at (613) 727-9427 or fill out this online form for a free quote.

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