Bathroom Renovation Ottawa – Pimlico Cre

Basement Renovation Ottawa - Pimlico Cres
Basement Renovation Ottawa - Pimlico Cres

Bathroom Renovation Ottawa – Pimlico Cres

The bathroom renovation done for Pimlico Crescent, Ottawa, has been one project our team is extremely proud of completing. Not only we were able to jazz up this place but we also gave it an Italian look while maximizing the use of the compact space.

We started off by firstly changing the flooring of the bathroom. For the flooring, several steps were involved. We replaced the old tiles with structured grey and black tiles. These tiles added a lot of personalization to the place while also adding depth.

Once this was done, we moved on to installing a custom-style acrylic bathtub in the washroom. For this bathtub, we decided on a white color that went well with the floor. Alongside this, we also tiled the shower wall with white tiles. Once the bathtub and tiling were completed, we added some other accessories.

This included adding a shower faucet as well as a showerhead on the top of the wall. Along with this, we also added a one-shelf shower caddy on the wall right next to the shower. To give the shower the last touch, we decided to add a shower curtain rod.

Once this was completed, the next step was to install a sink. The sink we decided on was a white under-mounted one. It was placed on a marble countertop that contrasted with the floor. Along with this, we also added a white vanity with ample storage space. Lastly, we added a new toilet for the bathroom. The bathroom we installed was an upgrade from the other one as it was dual-flush and allowed for good water conservation.

With all these changes, the bathroom truly looked exquisite. If you also want your bathroom to look like the one on Pimlico Crescent, Ottawa, then call Renosgroup right now on at (613) 727-9427 or fill out this online form for a free quote.

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