Reaney Court, Kanata

Basement Renovation Ottawa - Reaney Court
Basement Renovation Ottawa - Reaney Court

Basement Renovation Ottawa – Reaney Court

Basements are a very important part of modern homes, and it comes as no surprise that our team recently completed basement renovation at Reaney Court, Kanata, was a true transformation for our clients. We started this renovation by firstly designing the plan of the place, and once that was done, we started with the actual renovations.

For the flooring, we decided to go with a hardwood floor in brown wood color. This was neither too simplistic nor too gaudy. Once the flooring was done, we decided to move on to the pain of the walls. The wall paint we decided on was a light beige color. This complemented the hardwood flooring along with white borders along the walls.

Since this was to be constructed as a basement apartment, we also added classic white doors to the bedrooms. The doors were chosen white to give the basement a cohesive look while also being simplistic. We also added golden knobs to the doors. We also added a pillar across the middle of the room to ensure that the foundation of the room was strengthened.

Along with this, we also added a bathroom to the basement. For the bathroom, we decided to add a toilet to the space first. The one we went for was a dual flush toilet and thus minimized water usage. Along with this, we also added a marble countertop with a round basin under the mounted sink, as well as a vanity that was also white. This gave the bathroom a complete look.

Once completed, the basement looked dreamy. Some last-minute light fixtures were also added to the place to tie up the place together. If you also want a dream basement apartment like the one in Reaney Court, Kanata, you can reach out to the Renosgroup at (613) 727-9427 or fill out this online form for further details.

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