Robin Wood Place, Ottawa

Bathroom Renovation Ottawa - Robin Wood Place
Bathroom Renovation Ottawa - Robin Wood Place

Bathroom Renovation Ottawa – Robin Wood Place

For the bathroom renovation project done in Robin Wood Place, Ottawa, our team had to cater to several requirements of our clients. The primary part of the project we were asked to work on was the shower enclosure for the bathroom.

For this shower enclosure, we firstly decided to get the flooring done. For the tiles to be used for flooring, we decided to go with cream-colored tiles. These tiles not only looked classy but gave the bathroom a neutral tone, making it the best choice for the enclosure. Once we were done with the flooring, we moved on to attaching custom acrylic walls to the wall.

For the walls, we ensured they were attached exactly to fit the size of the shower enclosure. Once the walls were installed, our next step was to complete the tiling for the wall. For two of the walls, we decided to use the same tiles as the ones used for the flooring. This gave it a more cohesive look.

Once the walls and tiling were done, our next step was to focus on the faucets. For our faucets, the clients wanted several jet sprays along with a removable shower head. Along with this, another ceiling shower head was also installed.

To install jet sprays more systematically, one of the walls completely was made from metal with the water system inside it. All the jet sprays that were installed were round and metallic. The silver metal on the wall also complemented well with the tiles and gave the bathroom a modern look. With these, we also installed a shower caddy on one of the walls to make sure storage was not an issue for our client.

Lastly, to finish up the shower, we added a custom glass door pivoted to the back wall of the shower enclosure. The custom glass door with its robust handle was just what was needed to add finishing touches to the place.

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