Shoreham Ave, Ottawa

Bathroom Renovation Ottawa - Shoreham Avenue
Bathroom Renovation Ottawa - Shoreham Avenue

Bathroom Renovation Ottawa – Shoreham Avenue

In modern homes, bathrooms play a very crucial role, and therefore this bathroom renovation in Shoreham Ave, Ottawa, was a true challenge for us. Nonetheless, our remarkable team made it a huge success.

Our project started by deciding to replace the old tiles with new ones while also doing a bit of work on the subfloor. For the new tiles, we decided to get mosaic-style tiles in neutral shades of white and light brown. This added structure while not being too extra.

Once this was done, we then moved to the next step, which was to install a bathtub. For the bathtub, we decided to install a custom-made acrylic bathtub which was classic white. This ensures the tub is easy to clean while also being chic, thus being the perfect choice for this bathroom. Then, we started working on the tiling for the tub area.

The tiling was done from the tub area to the ceiling and the tiles installed were dark brown and white in color. These were slightly darker versions of the tiles used on the floor, thus complementing it greatly. The tiling made the bathroom much more complete. Further, we installed the faucet for the shower as well as a showerhead. This was further enhanced by adding a shower curtain rod made of stainless steel. These final touches made the tub area look complete.

The next step was to work on the marble countertop that was in brown marble. Along with this, we installed a sink over the countertop that was square-shaped and looked very chic. We also added a white vanity to the sink as well as a mirror to the bathroom to make it much more beautiful. Lastly, we added a dual-flush toilet to the bathroom as well as some light fixtures to complete the bathroom.

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