Stonehouse Court, Bathroom

Bathroom Renovation Ottawa - Stonehouse Court
Bathroom Renovation Ottawa - Stonehouse Court

Bathroom Renovation Ottawa – Stonehouse Court

The bathroom renovation done in Stonehouse Court, Ottawa, was one of our best projects done so far. For this bathroom, we made sure the design we went for was chic and elegant while also not looking too extra. For this bathroom, we started our renovation by working on the floor. For this, we decided to go with a hardwood floor with brown mosaic color. Once this was done, we started working on the sink.

We started the sink by firstly getting a marble countertop and dual sinks, both of them under-mounted. The countertop was a light brown and greatly complemented the white sinks, as well as the white vanity. The vanity we went for was pretty huge since storage capacity was important to our clients. Alongside this, instead of two small mirrors, we installed one large mirror along the length of the vanity. With this, the vanity was completed.

Our next element of the bathroom was to install the toilet, for which we went for a dual flush toilet. Furthermore, we also started working on the shower enclosure for the bathroom. For the shower enclosure, we firstly got two custom glasses made for the doors of the enclosure. Once those were installed, the enclosure took shape.

The next step was to install the accessories, including faucets and a rain head shower. Alongside this, we also added a removable hand shower to make sure that our clients were comfortable. Next, we moved on to the best part of this washroom, which was the stand-alone tub.

For this, we firstly installed a stand-alone tub in the bathroom. Next, we installed a sliding glass door across the space where the tub was placed to make it into a separate enclosure. Along with this, we also installed a faucet for the tub and decorated the bathroom with some plants.

The bathroom, once completed, looked extremely beautiful and left our clients in awe. If you also want a bathroom like the one in Stonehouse Court, then call Renosgroup right now for a free quote by filling out this online form or simply call us at (613) 727-9427

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