Wersch Lane Bathroom

Guide to Bathroom Renovation in Ottawa
Guide to Bathroom Renovation in Ottawa

Bathroom Renovation Ottawa – Wersch Lane

Renosgroup delivers high-end remodeling projects that are acclaimed by many. Bathroom Renovation Ottawa – Wersch Lane project was amongst the most creative projects that we were honored to carry out. The success of the project is not only evident through the visible aesthetics of the bath, but its practicality and durability of it as well. 

All materials used to carry out the project are high-end, and we collaborated with many recognized brands to finish one of the most elegant projects we have worked on. We had to stress the modern architecture and construction during the remodeling of the bathroom. At Wersch Lane, Ottawa, we understood consistent aesthetics throughout the property. Likewise, we were instructed to remodel the bath into a trendy white bath. 

White was an ideal paint color in this case of bathroom remodeling, considering the bath space was relatively small. The walls and white flooring reflected the light brilliantly, making the space appear larger than it was. 

Confetti polished is a beautiful grey and white marble collection that we chose to lay out across the floor and walls of the bath. We also constructed a little bathroom bench in the shower with tile finishing. An in-built storage niche was also created for the storage of all the essentials one needs in the bathroom. We finished the bath area by installing a beautiful hand shower with a shower rise rail. It is a flexible and versatile fixture that provides the most practical means of the shower.

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