Young Street, Bathroom

Bathroom Renovation Ottawa - Young Street
Bathroom Renovation Ottawa - Young Street

Bathroom Renovation Ottawa – Young Street

The bathroom renovation in Young Street, Ottawa, was recently completed by our team was an extremely challenging project with several steps involved. However, our team completed this project with finesse.

For the first part of this project, we decided to get new flooring. For this, our team went for white brick-styled tiles in white and brown colors. These tiles looked extremely classy while also being simplistic, thus creating a neutral vibe for the bathroom.

The next step we moved on to was installing the bathtub. For the bathtub, we installed a white acrylic bathtub that was extremely sleek. Once this was installed, we then started working on the tiles for the tub surrounding. For the tiles, we went for white tiles in a brick style again. The bathroom then looked much more cohesive. We also attached a faucet for the tub area.

It is also important to remember that the tiles were installed not only across the tub surround but also on all the walls in the bathroom. This made the bathroom look much more structured and added the extra oomph.

Once this was completed, we then started working on the sink. For the sink, we firstly installed a marble countertop in shades of black and brown. The countertop looked extremely beautiful, in which we further attached an under-mounted round sink basin. Then, we started working on the vanity.

For the vanity, our team decided that the best way forward would be to get a custom vanity in a brown color. Alongside this, we also attached three light fixtures on the sink as well as a mirror on the wall. These elements added a lot of class to the place.

All in all, the bathroom came together perfectly and, when completed, left our clients in awe. If you are also looking for a bathroom like this, then call Renosgroup right now for a free quote by filling out this online form or simply call us at (613) 727-9427.

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