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Kitchen Renovation (Partial) – Draper Part II

Yesterday was the final day of the kitchen renovation and reveal day. We got the second coat on the ceiling done this morning and all looks great. Once that was dry I installed 2 client supplied light fixtures on the ceiling and re-installed the kitchen fan. A very small bead of clear silicone along the […]

Kitchen Renovation (Partial) – Draper Ave, Ottawa

Marie and I are having a great time renovating one of our favorite real estate agent’s property. He has asked us to do a partial kitchen renovation, including replacing his countertop, sink, faucet, tile backsplash, some plaster repairs on ceiling and side walls in both kitchen and bathroom and to replace 2 light fixtures in […]

Air Conditioning Tips

Happy Friday everyone! This weekend looks like its going to be very hot with a lot of humidity…I hope you have an air conditioner. Although, we focus on kitchen and bathroom renovations, I could not let these air conditioning tips go unread. Probably the easiest and most important tip is to make sure you change […]

Kitchen Renovation Idea – Remote Control Cabinet Lock

A definate consideration for your next kitchen renovation……… A perfect solution for those who have a real hard time controlling those pesky late night snack urges ! Omega Cabinetry now offers a remote control locking option for its cabinetry to protect personal documents, valuables, alcohol and cleaning supplies. A single keypad operates up to 12 locking devices. […]

Undermount Sink with a Laminate Countertop ???

For years many homeowners and renovation professionals have wondered if an undermount sink could be installed on a laminate countertop and most thought NO. Fact is it can be……… it simply requires a certain type of sink.  However this is not a renovation project for a homeowner to take on, it’s best left for a […]

Bathroom Renovation in Downtown Ottawa

Recently finished complete bathroom renovation in downtown Ottawa.  The home was over 100 years old with plaster and lathe walls, all was removed to the bare bones and started over from scratch.

How to Remodel a Bath for Accessibility

An architect explains how he plans to remodel a bathroom so that it is accessible by Duncan McPherson Remodeling an existing house presents many design challenges. Modern living requires different functions and spaces than a house built 50, 20, or even 10 years ago. Designing homes and remodels that consider long-term livability has become a […]

Can’t Find Any Storage Place in your Bathroom

What a fantastic renovation product for those who are extremely limited for storage space in a bathroom ………which we ALL know is NOT unusual.   This product can even be used in a kitchen pantry for even more storage capability. ODL Inc. has invented On Hand In-Door Storage and Communication system. The system boasts storage on […]

Bathroom Renovations Ottawa That Make You Dance in the Shower

New Product Alert !!! A music lover’s delight…….. You can now add the sounds of your favorite songs on your smartphone to help your singing in the shower as an item checked off for your next bathroom renovation.  Kohler has come out with a shower head that has a waterproof speaker that magnetically sticks into […]

Bathroom Renovations Ottawa – RenosGroup.ca

Every Year Thousands of Home Owners are Financially Devastated by Poorly Planned Bathroom Renovations. If you’re planning on renovating your entire bathroom you may be tempted to hire an independent contractor or a jack-of-all-trades to keep your costs down. Unfortunately, these individuals are often mediocre at many things and experts at nothing. Remember…just because it’s cheap, doesn’t […]