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Spring Colours to Add to Your Home

Looking to spruce up your home after the long and tiresome winter? As the weather finally begins to settle, there’s no better time to freshen up your interior with some invigorating spring colours. Whether you’re looking to add some pep to your bedroom, change up your living room, or simply freshen your walls with something that’ll make you feel great during those sunny spring days, check out a few of these cheery spring colours to add to your home.

White Scheme

Nothing brightens up a space like a fresh white scheme. The key with this is to incorporate others elements like different patterns, textures and accent items such as greenery, to add those splashes of colour to the concept. Adding in some natural elements like plants or a rustic wooden coffee table will make this the perfect design to usher in the spring.

Soft Pastel Blue

There’s something about this colour that makes you feel calm and relaxed just by looking at it. And you can add this colour just about anywhere – the bedroom, bathroom or even the kitchen, and it will instantly lift your mood. You can pair this colour with floral prints, soft pinks, and white to create the perfect ocean-like oasis right at home.


If you enjoy purple but need a more neutral tone that’s easy to work with, consider using lavender. This is a very popular spring colour that can be used as an accent colour or the main one depending on what area of the home you’re aiming to paint.

Vibrant Green

The richness of vibrant green with a sharp yellow undertone is the perfect colour if you’re truly looking to add some bold vibrancy into your home. If you do decide to use this colour, just be sure to tone it down by using white alongside it.  The stark contrast helps to create balance.

Sherbet Orange

Bold pastel colours are more popular than ever this year. Pastels like sherbet orange create a retro appeal that can be timeless if done correctly. Mint green or aqua blue are also popular choices that can work together nicely in small doses.

After your spring cleaning is complete, it’s the perfect opportunity to transform your home with pretty pastels colours, whites and natural elements that’ll make your home feel like your own springtime oasis.  Don’t hesitate to contact us, or give us a call at (613)727-9427

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