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New Year, New Kitchen? 8 Reasons to Get Started on Your Renovations Now

Ready to freshen up your home interior with a new kitchen this new year? Whether you’ve just purchased a fixer-upper, need more space, or want to modernize your space, investing in your kitchen is always a worthy project to take on. Aside from being the most used room in the home, it also boasts the […]

4 Unique Types of Home Additions

Need some more space at home? Moving isn’t the only option to consider. Rather than having to endure the grueling moving process, you can create the space you need with a home addition. This is often a faster, easier, and less expensive option than having to pack up and relocate your entire life to somewhere […]

7 Ways to Optimize that Unused Space in Your Home

Whether you need to accommodate your growing family or want to maximize storage in your unit, there are many ways to optimize that unused space in your home. Even if you have smaller square footage, there are still plenty of ways to be strategic with bare walls and other neglected nooks. To make the most […]

6 Renovations That Will Brighten Up Your Home

Winter is upon us, which means most of our time will be spent hibernating inside trying to pass the time until Old Man Winter loosens his grip. Until then, take this opportunity to start thinking about home renovation projects that can help brighten your home and your winter blues. If your interior is feeling dark […]

10 Reasons to do Your Home Renovations in the Winter

It may seem unconventional to have your home renovated during the winter season but there are many advantages to remodeling this time of year as opposed to the busier months. Learn how to save money and reduce stress by having your home renovations done in the wintertime. Faster Permit Process There are only so many […]

6 Reasons to Get Behind the Minimalistic Design Trend

From the interior design world to graphic design – minimalism is taking over in a big way, and for good reason. Focusing on space and simplicity, it can be seen just about everywhere. Today, it’s becoming more deeply embedded in our modern lifestyle as it teaches us how to curb excess clutter while learning to use […]

6 Things to Keep in Mind When Renovating Your Bathroom

Getting ready to update your bathroom this year? Undertaking a reno like this can be both exciting and a little overwhelming, even though it’s generally the smallest room in the house. Bathrooms equate to a good portion of your home value, and it’s where homebuyers pay the most attention (aside from the kitchen) when house […]

6 Fall-Inspired Decor Changes for Your Home

As the summer season starts to slowly dwindle down, at least we can look forward to the cozy and colourful autumn season that’s just around the corner. Fall is also an ideal time to jump into any needed renovations or redecorating to spruce up your home and incorporate some fresh seasonal flair into your space. […]

Bathroom Design 101: Popular Bathroom Renovations

Looking for some ideas to transform your old bathroom into a luxurious spa-like setting? With as much use as it gets, the bathroom always deserves a remodel to keep it updated and looking great – especially since it impacts the value of the home significantly. To create a modern masterpiece in your home, we’ve compiled some […]

8 Kitchen Must-Haves

We spend the majority of our time at home in the kitchen, but it’s often the space we neglect the most because renovating a kitchen can be a major undertaking. However, if you neglect it for too long, the kitchen can eventually start to deteriorate and even devalue your home. If this sounds like your […]